School Board

The St. Bernadette’s School Education Advisory Board is an opportunity for parents to participate in the wider school community and most importantly, get completely involved in the decision-making process.

The board also provides the Parish Priest and the school principal with support, advice and encouragement in the management of the school’s educational and business activities.

The Board works towards ensuring the school’s vision, mission and values are fully realised by acting as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education at St. Bernadette’s.

Some of the main functions of the board include:
• setting objectives for the school year
• overseeing the maintenance of facilities and equipment
• providing advice on budget planning and finance-related matters
• contributing to the selection process for the school principal
• promoting the school across the wider community.

During the course of a year, the Board will also create committees and working parties from its membership. Their role is to undertake specific tasks, for example the maintenance committee organises our regular working bees whilst the finance committee helps with school fee collection.

The St. Bernadette’s School Board consists of the Parish Priest, our Principal and parents from the school community. The Board normally meets approximately eight times during the year, on the last Tuesday of the month.

The Board believes that a successful school encourages a strong connection between the parent community, teaching staff and the Parish Priest. Parents can contribute to our school by getting involved with the school Board and assuming a leadership role. It’s every parent’s opportunity to show their commitment to St.