Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Guided by faith and the courage of St Bernadette we aspire to be an inclusive learning community of love, respect, opportunity and joy. 


Therefore, we bring a spirit of joy to our community by  honouring the whole person, developing courage through opportunities to take risks, fostering love through inclusivity and faith and engendering respect through knowing and understanding. 

In light of our Mission statement, we hold the following beliefs about our teaching practices and environment…

  • We believe learning and teaching  place the teacher in the role of facilitator and model in the provision of knowledge and skills. The teacher organizes resources, activities and personnel to maximise the learning outcome of the children.
  • We believe learning and teaching values each child’s uniqueness and as teachers we must enhance and respect each child’s individuality. This occurs when children relate to each other and are able to respect the intrinsic worth and accept the differences of each member of their community.
  • We believe learning and teaching is achieved in a non-threatening, stimulating and supportive environment which exposes children to our faith, values and beliefs.
  • We believe learning and teaching about immersing children in a relevant curriculum which encourages enquiry, experimentation, risk-taking and discovery in the search for knowledge, the development and acquisition of skills and the understanding of concepts.
  • We believe learning and teaching should provide an atmosphere in which children feel safe to take risks and make mistakes which in turn will enhance a sense of self worth and confidence.
  • We believe learning and teaching challenges all participants to build on present knowledge and past experiences to achieve realistic goals so that they develop as independent learners and self-disciplined thinkers.
  • We believe learning and teaching should enable children to have the opportunity to aspire to excellence.

At St Bernadette’s Primary School we recognise that the school plays a vital role in advancing democratic ideals and principles. For democracy to continue to thrive, children must be taught democratic ideals and principles and to value its way of life. St Bernadette’s Primary School will explicitly and implicitly support and promote  the principles of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

·       elected government

·        the rule of law

·        equal rights for all before the law

·        freedom of religion

·        freedom of speech and association

·        the values of openness and tolerance.