Parents & Friends

The P&F is an active group representative of all parents within the school community. They come together to plan and implement a wide range of fundraising activities and social events.

The group aims to encourage and build a harmonious sense of community among the parents, students, teachers and friends of St Bernadette’s by providing ample opportunities for all families to be involved at different times of the year. Throughout the year the group undertakes activities to raise funds to ensure that our students have up to date educational resources and equipment within a safe, secure and stimulating environment. Fundraising activities include, a chocolate drive, Mother and Fathers day stalls, sausage sizzles etc.
The P&F also provide services such as the school canteen and the uniform shop.

The St Bernadette’s P&F is eager to welcome new members and listen to suggestions. The success of the association is dependent on the support and involvement of all parents.